The seismic shifts in how and why we work are accelerating. The best work attracts the best people. What binds and sustains the most impactful initiatives is a spirit of shared values and ways of working. To that end, everything we do at Open Colony is informed by the same set of principles we look for in one another, putting them into action.

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Rethinking Equity

The traditional corporate view of employees as an owned asset is being replaced by a more flexible and reciprocal relationship as entrepreneurs develop new working models around their own concerns. Financial equity expectations are shifting too. A more equitable work model is necessary.

Future Orientation

To succeed in the future you have to envision it. We embrace technology, humanity, and scale as we work towards a humane future.

Path Breaking

Reinvention for people, companies, and industries means disruption. Success depends upon bravely driving the bus (ever faster, ever smarter) while changing its wheels, while building a new vehicle, and envisioning an entirely new mode of transportation. We foster evolution with vigor.

Our Colonies

The best leaders nurture a community of colleagues for the duration of their careers. They inspire and teach, advocate and learn, with the understanding that the best work happens when we both give and receive from our networks.

Execution Ethos

An idea is only as good as its execution. We have relationships with leaders who not only know how to conceptualize great ideas but are able to realize them at the highest level of craft by applying experience broadly for the desired result.

Systems Thinking

Good products aren’t enough. Society at its best is built on healthy ecosystems structured around diversity, scale, resilience, cooperation, and balance. Business is no different.

Diversity of Thought

Like the rich ecosystem of a lush prairie thriving with hundreds of species of grass, we work with a diverse array of thinkers and leaders who bring distinct skill sets to the table, and who enrich our collective curiosity and wisdom.

Self Knowledge

“To thine own self be true.” – Shakespeare. Without introspection—let alone the virtues of empathy, fairness, and wisdom—understanding is all but impossible. Self-knowledge is critical in making informed and sound decisions.

Motivation Matters

Our careers shape us, our relationships, and in turn, oftentimes our trajectories. Work reflects how our dreams, values, and personalities take form. Meaningful careers must be personally fulfilling and relational, not merely for sustenance.

Colony Capital

Great institutional design spurs innovation at the intersection of individual, social, cultural, financial, environmental, and political capital. The more capital we have, the greater our ability (and obligation) to help individuals, organizations, and societies.