What We Believe

Open Colony isn’t another automated recommendation engine or platform to match two sides of a marketplace. We’re here because we have a strong perspective on what the future of work should look like, and though we’re tech-forward, all of our work is rooted in our belief in the power of relationships.

Our mission is to empower individuals and institutions to create massive impact and progress outside of traditional employment, financial and collaboration models. As a public benefit company, we’re also advancing social justice and positive environmental impact by connecting the most innovative people, companies and technology.

Equal incentives lead to the best work

The most innovative work happens when people’s values and passions are aligned—and when equity is fairly shared.

Sustainability and social impact should be core to business.

New success metrics and systems impact models should be leveraged for progressive impact, as should tech and financial innovation.

Our “colonies” are our most valuable professional asset.

The best leaders nurture a community of colleagues to learn from and grow with over time.

Diversity of thought should be prioritized.

Operating in an echo chamber is stifling and ultimately ineffective, which makes cross-functional, cross-institutional, international collaboration essential.

Every stakeholder is equally important.

Everyone experiences growth differently, and a lack of compassion and empathy impedes innovation and change.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

of all billings donated to Open Colony Ownership fund to build value and impact for The Colony advisors


of Colony advisors to be female by the end of 2022


of Colony advisors to be POCs by the end of 2023


of institutional customers buying SDG integration guidance as a portion of advisory or purchasing off-sets


of advisors benefitting from Open Colony equity fund by 2025

Social Impact Fund

Development of a diverse technology, environmental and social impact fund