What We Believe

Open Colony isn’t another automated recommendation engine or platform to match two sides of a marketplace. We’re here because we have a strong perspective on what the future of work will look like, and though we’re tech-forward, all of our work is rooted in our belief in the power of relationships.

Our mission is to empower individuals and institutions to do their best work, increasing speed to impact and making demonstrative progress outside of traditional employment and financial models. As a for-profit public benefit company, we’re also advancing positive environmental and social impact by curating collaborations between the most innovative people, institutions and technology.

Technology at scale can accelerate positive impact, and our planet needs big tech and vice versa. Open Colony embeds a holistic perspective on sustainability in its theory of change, working from the assumption that environmental sustainability can’t be achieved without considering the potential for all people to make choices and govern their own resources. While our sustainability work focuses on the direct impacts of our advisors and customers within the privileged communities of technology, investment and climate tech, we are eager not only to address inequities of access and equity, but to expand our work to address inequities in other systems, leapfrogging the digital divide.

Sustainability is a living practice, and it must constantly evolve and ratchet up in order to have real impact. Open Colony commits to reviewing and increasing its sustainability commitments through an annual review process. If you have suggestions for social and environmental sustainability initiatives that we should adopt, please reach out to

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Here is what we ardently believe:
Equal incentives lead to the best work

The most innovative work happens when people’s values and passions are aligned—and when equity is fairly shared.

The bifurcation of “for good” and “for profit” is ineffective.

New success metrics and collaboration models will reshape what successful business looks like.

Our “colonies” are our most valuable professional asset.

The best leaders nurture a community of colleagues to learn from and grow with over time.

Diversity of thought is a superpower

Operating in an echo chamber is stifling and ultimately ineffective, which makes cross-functional, cross-institutional, international collaboration essential.

Everyone experiences growth differently

Greed impedes innovation while empathy, compassion and access to opportunity drive it. We drive growth by building stakeholder and shareholder value.

The world is an ecosystem

Systems thinking enables complex impact metrics and coordination. We are guided by interdependencies and regenerative, economic models.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

company and career advisory customers in earth and social positive ventures by the end of 2025


of Colony advisors to be female by the end of 2023


of Colony advisors to be POCs by the end of 2023


of institutional customers participate in baseline social and environmental impact assessments from the get go


of advisors to benefit from Open Colony equity ownership fund by 2025; equity to be built through equity payments to Open Colony


Net Zero by the end of 2022


External social and environmental impact certification partners established by the end of 2022